Made for Ludum Dare 38. Loosely adheres to the theme by way of the game being somewhat small for its genre.

Swords of Xalavus is a simple CRPG made with nothing but HTML5 and a stroke of madness.

Control Overview:

The game controls very much like certain old PC RPGs. A list of available actions is displayed in the player window on the right-hand side of the screen.

Move with the arrow keys, perform actions by pressing their associated letter.

Certain actions (Attack, Get, Look, Cast) require you to select a target. Move the cursor with the arrow keys and press either enter or the same key again to confirm.

To equip weapons and spells, use the Inventory and press Enter. Some of the weapons require you to level up a bit first.


Go into the room to your immediate left and get the starting weapon! Read the signs there to get some in-game tips.

Known Issues:

Audio sometimes not working in Firefox.

Sound effects sometimes not working in Internet Explorer/Edge.


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