A downloadable game for Windows

Created for NAGJam 2016

The theme was "Down, but Not Out". My take on that is a "revival" mechanic that puts the player back at the last checkpoint (Nothing revolutionary). The twists were: The player loses their items and artifacts upon death and has to try get to their point of death to pick them up again, and with each death the player's maximum HP will drop a little (This feature didn't make it into the prototype).

The 'vision' I have for this game is of a Roguelite, randomly generated dungeons and realms with pseudo-random enemies, items and bosses. What I've got to show here is a fragment of what I had planned.

Instructions are explained in-game, but a recap:


  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Z Key: Dash/Dodge
  • X Key: Use Healing Potions
  • C Key: Use Secondary Weapon if you've picked it up
  • V Key: Use Sword
  • Escape: Exit to Title, or if on Title screen, exit game
  • F4: Toggle Fullscreen
Thank you for playing!


DarkSlashRun.zip 13 MB

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